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serenity_tm's Journal

Serenity: TM Community
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for Firefly characters played in Theatrical_Muse.

TM is a writing community. RPing is not necessary; it is merely optional.

For those of us who choose to RP, this is a place to plot and play.

Particpants MUST keep to the rules of TM and be active in the writing prompts.

If you don't post your prompts, you can not play.

Sometimes characters who are not involved in the community might be used as NPC's (non player characters). Their actions in NO WAY reflect PC's (Player Characters) in TM. In fact, characters own posts in response to prompts do not need to reflect what happens here in this community.

This is just another sandbox. Play nice. Respect each other. Obey the rules of TM. Do your prompts. And no one will get hurt (unless a plot calls for it ;-)