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05 May 2006 @ 11:34 pm
Unless a resolve can be made; this community will be deleted or turned back into what it was. A place without a plot for basically random threads for fun.
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04 May 2006 @ 07:09 pm
After giving Wash his dose of blood pressure medicine, Simon headed for Kaylee's bunk. She wasn't there, so he tried the engine room.

"Not here? But she's always here... unless... "

Simon walked slowly back to his room. He hated how there was no privacy onboard this ship. Sometimes it was okay. But since he and Kaylee had started... well, everyone had to know their business. He refused to confront the fact that this might be because Kaylee liked to tell everyone their business.

He'd done research and thought he could make exactly what Wash needed. But he'd rather steal it. The quality control would be better. He was a doctor, not a chemist! He'd have to talk to the Captain about the next time they were due to visit a Core world.

His bed was cold and empty without Kaylee's presence. He wondered why she seemed to be avoiding him ever since the picnic. She was such a social animal, always needing to be in the midst of a crowd, whereas Simon... well... he preferred being alone. Not because he wasn't exactly stellar in social situations... but because he truly preferred ... privacy.
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Location: Galley
Characters: Inara Open, anyone can come play.

Inara poured the hot water from the kettle over the peppermint tea in the tea pot. Serenity was quiet now and she was taking advantage of the down time by having some of her favorite tea in the galley. She carried the tea pot, cup and sugar over to the table and sat down. She rested her elbows on the table and took a deep breath, a smile curving her lips as peppermint scented the air.
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Simon refused to take pain medication. The ache all over his face gave a sharpness to his consciousness that permitted him to focus almost as well as when he was back at the medacad. Out here in the black... things tended to get a mite fuzzy sometimes... especially when a beautiful woman thought it was her duty to pamper you while you healed.

Once Simon translated the handwritten notes and read through or watched most of the files so that he had a good idea of the contents of the databases they'd stolen from Hamden Hills - enough to convince a buyer of their worth- he'd gone back to study Wash's medical record. The vid of the initial surgery was fun to watch and analyze in his own head. The implications of Wash's condition finally penetrated Simon's busy brain.

He needs a steroid to juice up his heart so that it can keep up with the rest of his amped up organs.

Frowning, Simon hit the shipwide intercom. There was no time for games.

"Jayne. Captain Reynolds. Someone. Please escort Hoban Washburne to the infirmary immediately."

Ship's doctors were traditionally nicknamed Bones. But everyone called him Doc. So...

"Doc out."
17 April 2006 @ 04:06 pm
River sat on the floor in the guest quarters, her fingers hunting under where Book's quarters had been. She knew that when she had torn up his bible a long time ago, a few sheets had fallen under the grates here. Ever since then, she would try and find a way to get them back out, just to give them back to the preacher.

Course, Book wasn't really here anymore. But River felt his spirit around, so that didn't stop her from trying.
14 April 2006 @ 08:41 pm
Zoe had arrived on the moon and had set things up, and then it took her a few days afterwards for her to gather courage to use the comm to contact Mal and the crew, and even then she seemed distracted and it was a pre-recorded message.

"I've landed on Universe's moon and am checking in as requested by the Captain. I've arrived safely and the shuttle was put into storage on (insert planet name here cause I forget where Alison said lol). If anyone needs to contact me, then you can do so using this channel. Wash, I need you to contact me as soon as possible so that I can get this procedure underway. Captain, you need to speak to me to keep your mind settled..."

It was as if she knew he was distressed by her sudden leaving of the ship....maybe she was feeling the same way

" Just open the channel Sir and I'll be there. Anytime you need me. Zoe...out"
14 April 2006 @ 06:11 pm
After finishing with Mal and making sure the corse was set well, Wash headed down into the cargo bay, having heard Jayne's voice there.

"Jayne! Got a minute?"
12 April 2006 @ 04:12 pm
location: Inara's shuttle
Characters: Inara, Mal

Inara knelt before her altar, incense burning. She finished up her prayers which always included everyone on Serenity. There was an extra one that Zoe would fine some peace on her trip. She blew out a candle, watching as the smoke wisped through the air then got up and sat down on the couch, drawing her shawl around her shoulders.
Mal walked from the bridge after speaking with Wash towards the cargo hold. He wanted to check how many food rations they had until they were out. He found Jayne setting up the weight bench. "Needin' a spotter?" He asked, already heading towards the bench.
Current Location: Cargo Hold
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Wash stretched after waking up on his couch. He looked back at it, the crushed, dirty thing that it was. "That's it, old fella... You're nice for sitting on and watching the stars, but I think my back wants something a bit... bigger."

He had a split of that casino heist. And Jayne owed him 50 credits... oh, he needed to collect that! That should be enough to get some things for himself. And now he remembered that the spare bedroom next to Jayne's used to be his... they had cleaned it out before to make him a room, before he married Zoe...

"Hey Mal?" He walked down from the cockpit, searching for the captain.